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   About Plansmarter

About Plansmarter

Plansmarter is an online based workplanning system, that will help getting a better overview of your company and be a unique tool for your workcheduling.

By using Plansmarter in your company, you will be able to save time and money.

You will be saving time in your daily work but not at least when you have to do your salaries at the end of the month, where you won't have to sit with a bunch of papers with the employees timeschemes, calculate overtime payments etc.

Plansmarter have many features that will make your workday easier. Below you can see a few of them (Notice: We can customize your system so it will only contain the features you want):

- Postsystem where all employees easily can communicate together.

- Employees will be able to see their shifts from home at any time.

- Employees can see free shifts and take these directly in the system

- Employees can edit their shift times if they had to leave later etc.

- Employees can create holiday wishes in the system

- Administrator can create as many workschedule templates as they like

- Administrator can create workschedules for specific weeks from templates

- Administrator can copy previous weeks, inclusive employees

- Administrator can create as many Payment groups as they like

- Administrator can create as many overtime payment categories as needed.

- Administrator can create complete salary report including: Work hours, Salary amount, hours in overtime categories and see salary spend on a daily basis. All data can be exported to Excel.

An average company with 15-20 employees will be able to save appr. 12 hours, 450 Euros and a lot of boring work!

We customize your system to create just the features you like at no additional cost.

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